Rugby world cup loss

There seems to be a lot of hysteria about after last Saturday’s loss in the rugby world cup (RWC) to England. I was watching the game and the short version is “the better team won on the day.”

Wallabies realising theyve lost

People are looking for scapegoats, saying we did something horribly wrong, but really we were just outplayed. Our players were trying, just not executing well enough. On another day we might have comprehensively outplayed England, but it didn’t happen last week.

It is a shame and disappointing, but life goes on. Probably the most annoying thing is how the road to the final has opened up with New Zealand also losing. England v France taking on the winner of South Africa v Argentina.

I think people need to get some perspective and applaud our team for the fine ambassadors they were for our country and we all need to learn to lose gracefully. Then we can get back to the drawing board and try to do better next time.

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