Cruise ship season

Work has been pretty busy recently – we’ve been down on people in my team for the last 8 weeks due to people taking leave and getting sick – so it’s been hard to find time to enjoy life recently. But one thing that has perked me up (other than moving to a new house) is the return of cruise ships out my window at work.

Seven Seas Mariner - currently docked at Circular Quay

The Sydney cruise ship season seems to kick off in October and go through to March or April. After that only the Pacific Sun was in this year, all the others were off cruising Alaska and other locations during their summer.

So far this year we have seen the new Pacific Dawn, the Sun Princess, the Sapphire Princess, Pacific Princess and the old Pacific Sun on her last Sydney based voyage. Other ships such as Statendam and the Seven Seas Mariner have stopped over at Circular Quay, but I don’t have a view of there.

A couple of good sites for info on upcoming ship movements are: Sydney Harbour Cruise Ship Schedule Sydney Ports Shipping Movements

gPC from Wal-Mart

Over in the US, budget department store Wal-Mart has started selling the Linux based gPC for US$200. It runs a modified version of Ubuntu with the E17 Enlightenment desktop environment called gOS.

gOS screen shot

Applications installed seems to be at a minimum as they encourage you to use Google’s online applications for your regular use (hence the g in gPC and gOS). Mail, calendar, office are all handled by Google webapps by default.

Gizmodo have a review online saying they believe this is a good unit for the price but aren’t too complimentary about the clientèle at Wal-mart. Indeed they believe this is the direction Linux should go – people new to PC’s or basic computer users.

Also linked from the same site is some info on the Google mobile phone software development kit (but better info from the official website and the new sub-notebook from Asus, the Eee PC. The Eee runs a customised version on Xandros Linux, by the way.

Movember 2007

After much deliberation I decided to “Go the Mo” again this year. Please click on the giant button on the right-hand side of this page to sponsor me. My registration number is 159967.

I ask you this: is it merely a coincidence that that the Liberal party campaign slogan is “Go for growth” during the month of Movember? I know that’s what I’ll be doing.

It’s for a great cause, raising awareness about and funding for depression and prostate cancer research. I’ll be looking silly, surely you can donate a couple of dollars.

For more information please visit the Movember website.