SNC Music Review 2007

Mozarteum grosser saal buehne mit orchester

There were a lot of distractions and hardships at Toongabbie Anglican Church in 2007. Early in the year all our full time staff departed for other pastures and while church changed slightly, Sunday Night Church soldiered on, praising our God and learning from His word. Unfortunately the year contained too many personal tragedies and too few joys, but God remains sovereign and we remain his servants.

This year it was great to see more new musicians join the SNC music team. Renee started singing with the band, James joined us playing piano, Emma helped out with her flute and David got back into his drumming after about a 10 year break. All of these new guys showed great improvement by the end of the year, if not technically on their instruments, certainly at playing in ensemble, which is a skill all of it’s own.

I would like to thank all the musicians who contribute to music at SNC, the service wouldn’t be the same without everybody’s hard work and we do a great job encouraging the congregation in singing together, praising our God and exhorting each other to continue in faithful obedience.

Another change required this year was a rotating group of guys running the sound desk. This was a big help to the musicians and helped the service run smoother. There were a few teething problems learning the gear, partly due to it being a new skill and partly due to the equipment having a personality. Thanks to Craig, Eddie and Graham for showing up to church early each week for little reward – the musicians certainly appreciated your efforts.

New music introduced to SNC in 2007:

This was a lot less new songs that we have done in previous years as we only had two New Music Days and only did one musical item (at Easter) all year. The plan is to have a NMD each school term, though the October/November one often gets wiped out by Christmas preparations. This year, we also missed doing one in April/May due to the changes we were going through at Church and an unusually busy and stressful time at work.

Looking forwards to the new year I have been considering the leadership structure of music at SNC, how much time I can commit to it and how best to choose and prepare songs and musicians. One idea is stepping back from leadership completely, but I’m not sure how much help that would be. Another is to have regular meetings, say on the 2nd Sunday of every month to pick songs for the upcoming month. This way whoever would like to contribute to song choice could and we would always be 2-6 weeks in advance. The musician roster could also be chosen at that time, or previously, possibly as far in advance as 3 months. Or we could just continue on as is, if people are happy and I can cope with the workload.

Hopefully the musician roster will be relatively stable, although we start the year short on singers again. I look forward to another year serving God with grace, humility and enthusiasm, hoping that the Lord will bless our church with a congregation keen to serve Him and to sing loudly.

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