Weather watching


I’ve been keeping an eye on the weather for a couple of reasons this week. Firstly because I am having an outdoors wedding this Saturday. The weather was originally supposed to be showers, then chance of showers, and now it’s meant to be fine and 19°C. Hopefully the wind will stay down and we will have a gorgeous day.


The other reason is trying to figure out what to pack. Priscilla and I are off to Thailand for our honeymoon. Over there the weather ranges between 22-25°C each day and is described as thundershowers. May is traditionally a pretty wet month over there but hopefully it will just be a short downpour each day and paradise the rest of the time.


Another place I’ve been keeping an eye on is Melbourne. Bleak city has been pretty chilly – as low as 3°C overnight – and it’s only mid-May. Yikes!

If you don’t hear from me for a few weeks, don’t despair, I’m just spending time with my new wife. I can’t think of much that is going to be a higher priority over the next few weeks than spending time with her and enjoying some time away.

Top Deck Lunch aboard the MV Sydney 2000

On March 15, Priscilla and I joined her aunt and uncle for lunch aboard the Captain Cook Cruises ship MV Sydney 2000. We got a good deal ($70 for 2 people for 3 course lunch) due to an offer through the NRMA.

MV Sydney 2000

The MV Sydney 2000 is a very impressive boat. Effectively a floating restaurant, it glides around the harbour as you eat your meal. There isn’t much sense of being on a boat at all, there is almost no noticeable movement and most other ships get out of your way as you approach – size has it’s merits.

We enjoyed the “Top Deck Lunch” and were seated in the “Sirius Saloon” on the “Sky Deck”. It was a lovely meal – although you should be aware that you have to pay for drinks in addition to the meal that you get with your ticket.

It took approximately 2.5 hours to circle the harbour, a leisurely ride with some lovely food. It really felt like the world was travelling slower as we meandered around the harbour.

While it was nice, I think I would have enjoyed a smaller, less opulent ship to cruise around in. We felt too detached from the world around us, “in the world, but not of the world” sort of thing. A smaller ship where you can feel the waves and smell the salt air would make me feel more alive and like more of an event.

It was a great day, but make sure you get a good deal as the high price (normally $74 per person) and lack of sensation make for an imperfect day, but certainly an experience like no other.

Cocktails at sunset on the MV Sydney 2000