Weather watching


I’ve been keeping an eye on the weather for a couple of reasons this week. Firstly because I am having an outdoors wedding this Saturday. The weather was originally supposed to be showers, then chance of showers, and now it’s meant to be fine and 19°C. Hopefully the wind will stay down and we will have a gorgeous day.


The other reason is trying to figure out what to pack. Priscilla and I are off to Thailand for our honeymoon. Over there the weather ranges between 22-25°C each day and is described as thundershowers. May is traditionally a pretty wet month over there but hopefully it will just be a short downpour each day and paradise the rest of the time.


Another place I’ve been keeping an eye on is Melbourne. Bleak city has been pretty chilly – as low as 3°C overnight – and it’s only mid-May. Yikes!

If you don’t hear from me for a few weeks, don’t despair, I’m just spending time with my new wife. I can’t think of much that is going to be a higher priority over the next few weeks than spending time with her and enjoying some time away.

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