Moving to Melbourne

Since getting back from our honeymoon, Priscilla and I have been consumed by the task of moving house to Melbourne for my new job. On our second weekend back we drove down and look around real estate rentals in the Eastern suburbs, applied for a property and signed the lease.

Unfortunately this meant we would be leaving Sydney sooner than originally planned, but my work is allowing me to do my old job from our Melbourne office so it hasn’t meant Priscilla and I have had to live in separate cities.

One of the most  challenging things to organise about the move was how to physically do it – would we move ourselves or get professionals in. In the end, we got removalists to do the job. I think the 2 hours of loading/unloading at each end plus not having to drive our own truck down the highway for 10 hours was work the $2000 it cost us.

Since we arrived we’ve been busy trying to turn the building we are living in into a home. Still boxes around the place, but at least we have furniture now. The Melbourne weather is cold – at least 6 ° colder than Sydney at any given time – but all the houses have central heating to compensate.