NASA Image of the Day

NASA publish an Image of the Day which is normally an awesome picture of space, from space, or relating to space in some way. Here is today’s (I thought it was really cool):

Mirror Images

Space shuttle Atlantis (foreground) sits on Launch Pad A and Endeavour on Launch Pad B at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. At the left of each shuttle are the open rotating service structures with the payload changeout rooms revealed. The rotating service structures provide protection for weather and access to the shuttle.

For the first time since July 2001, two shuttles are on the launch pads at the same time. Endeavour will stand by at pad B in the unlikely event that a rescue mission is necessary during Atlantis’ upcoming STS-125 mission to repair NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. The missions is slated to launch Oct. 10.

After Endeavour is cleared from its duty as a rescue spacecraft, it will be moved to Launch Pad 39A for its STS-126 mission to the International Space Station. That flight is targeted for launch Nov. 12.

Image Credit: NASA/Troy Cryder

Surfies Delight II

Fermenting: 05/09/2008 Bottled: 26/12/2008

The last beer kit I bought before i left Sydney was a Surfie’s Delight package from the Country Brewer. I previously made this beer back in January 2006 and it came out pretty well. With the cooler temperatures if Melbourne in early spring I’m expecting this version to be a cracker. I also learned from my previous mistake and added the aroma hops after 3 days of vigorous fermentation.

1.7kg Wals Pilsner beer concentrate24g Saaz hops 1kg Light liquid malt 150g Vienna Grain


  • 1.7 kg can of beer concentrate – Wal’s Pilsner — a light crisp Australian pilsner.
  • 1 kg light liquid malt — made from 100% quality malting barley.
  • 150 g Vienna malt — steeped in hot water for 20 minutes then strained into the wort
  • 24g Saaz hops — spicy and aromatic — steeped for 5 minutes then added to fermenting wort after 3 days initial fermentation.

This should be a great beer come November February when I anticipate it will be ready for drinking.

Melbourne (beer is too) bitter

I’ve managed to try a few different beers since making it down to Melbourne.

James Squire Pepperberry Winter Ale – a dark, spicy ale. Chocolate in colour and flavour, quite bitter, not really a session beer but nice to warm up with.

Bells Brewery Black Ban Bitter – Bells Hotel is a brewpub near work, this bitter is their flagship beer. A coppery ale, very bitter without much hop aroma. I was a little underwhelmed, especially as a middie was $5. Nice to support a small brewer, but a beer has to have more going for it that just bitterness.

Coldstream Brewery Lager – another brewpub, this one on the way up the Yarra valley past home. Again, a bitter beer without much aroma, but this one was supposed to be a lager. Another disappointment, unfortunately. Perhaps next time I’ll try the bitter or pilsner and see if they are a bit more true to type. It was pale in colour, but also pale in flavour, other than the excessive bitterness.

So, I guess in summary, I’m finding craftbeers all to be a bit too bitter recently. Hopefully spring will bring with it some more hop aroma and flavour, meaning better tasting beers to enjoy as the weather warms up.