Surfies Delight II

Fermenting: 05/09/2008 Bottled: 26/12/2008

The last beer kit I bought before i left Sydney was a Surfie’s Delight package from the Country Brewer. I previously made this beer back in January 2006 and it came out pretty well. With the cooler temperatures if Melbourne in early spring I’m expecting this version to be a cracker. I also learned from my previous mistake and added the aroma hops after 3 days of vigorous fermentation.

1.7kg Wals Pilsner beer concentrate24g Saaz hops 1kg Light liquid malt 150g Vienna Grain


  • 1.7 kg can of beer concentrate – Wal’s Pilsner — a light crisp Australian pilsner.
  • 1 kg light liquid malt — made from 100% quality malting barley.
  • 150 g Vienna malt — steeped in hot water for 20 minutes then strained into the wort
  • 24g Saaz hops — spicy and aromatic — steeped for 5 minutes then added to fermenting wort after 3 days initial fermentation.

This should be a great beer come November February when I anticipate it will be ready for drinking.

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