U turns allowed

Although states in Australia generally adhere to the “Australian Road Rules”, Priscilla and I have noticed a few differences in the way they are implemented in Victoria to what we are used to in NSW.

The most talked about is the Hook Turn. This is where you turn right from the left hand lane to keep the road clear for trams.

One that gets me the most, though, is you are allowed (even encouraged) to do U-turns from the right hand lane. At intersections, traffic lights, wherever. In NSW you get fined for doing a U-turn unless it is explicitly signposted – in Victoria the opposite applies.

Wikipedia: The Australian Road Rules forbid u-turns at signalised intersections except where explicitly permitted, Victoria retains the state’s earlier rule of permitting u-turns except where explicitly forbidden.

In NSW there is a great rule “Turn left on red allowed after stopping” which confuses people down here.

In general, though, the roads are a little better surfaced (except the Monash Freeway), the lanes are a little wider, and the police are less tolerant than in NSW. There are also some great driving roads around Melbourne and some lousy traffic near the CBD. So, a little different, but mostly the same.