Melbourne had some hot weather last week. If I had a dollar for every time a news report used the phrase “hot and bothered” I’d be richer than I am now.

Melbourne’s train system failed pretty severely – over 24% of trains were cancelled for the week – and electricity was disrupted as the state tried to use more electricity than was able to be supplied by the national grid. NEMCO told the electricity suppliers to “load-shed” supply, which basically meant cutting electricity to different areas of the city for 2 hour periods so everyone suffered together.

We tried to escape the heat by going to air-conditioned premises (movies, cafes, etc) that required a bit of a drive to get to and, late on Friday night, went up nearby Mount Dandenong where the elevation allowed a bit of coolness to wash over us.

I took some photos (cool night mode in our new camera) but you can’t see the CBD as there was a massive power outage at the time which blacked out skyscrapers and over 500 sets of traffic lights.

Cooler weather this week has been a nice treat but I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this heat, least of all in Parliament where the current Labour government is under the pump for a lack of infrastructure investment going back 10 years.