Parenting (pt 1)

Daniel & Eliza at MHW Heidelberg

Just hang on and do the best you can.

Everyone has advice and their own horror stories, but every child is different and the books can only take a punt at what yours will be like.

Eliza is pretty good as far as new babies go, I think, but she still gets grumpy, sleepy and hungry at her own pace, and there’s very little we can do to influence it.

Say nice things and be supportive to your partner whenever you can. If they flake out and bail on you, it will only get worse — we’re all in this together.

Dinner time can be flexible, and takeaway is only a phone call away.

People talk to you a lot more once you are carrying around a baby — it’s a lot easier to make friends now.

Nappies aren’t as bad as expected, unless the contents escape it’s natural confines. Then a lot of laundry needs to get done.

Babies are good for hugs.