Same job, new employer

After 10 long months of waiting, my area at work finally got purchased by another company. This has meant I’ve had to relocate office and get to know a whole bunch of new people and procedures. Complicating this all was the fact my boss went on long service leave for 14 weeks just after we got purchased, before we moved.

It has been an interesting couple of months, certainly challenging. I am learning a lot since having to help integrate our old network with the purchasers. Splitting off the bits that weren’t bought and adding on some new links to replace them. It has been chaotic, but a good learning experience and a lot of excitement compared to the previous 10 months of not learning much.


Have had a few adventures since then as well – went across to Tasmania on the ferry, took Mum out to a winery on the Mornington Peninsula when she came to visit and of course, getting to know Eliza better as she grows.

Still haven’t put on a new brew since Christmas, but the stocks in the cupboard are getting low, so hopefully I will manage to get it done soon. Time is a bit hard to come by with work being a bit more pressing and Eliza and Priscilla deserving of attention at home.

Anyway, will keep soldiering on. Congratulations to Mark Webber for his win in the German Grand Prix and commiserations to the Aussie cricket team for a disappointing result in Ashes.

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