HTC Desire

Due to a combination of circumstances (Priscilla’s phone turning off 50% of the time when someone calls her) and myself wanting to only carry one phone, we’ve both gotten new mobiles. Work was willing to reimburse me for mine (rather than pay for a company phone) but preferred I go with Telstra for their better coverage so we could afford to pay a little more for Priscilla’s than we would otherwise have been able to convince ourselves to.

HTC Desire

As a result, we’ve both now got new HTC Desires running Android 2.1 on Telstra. An excellent phone and certainly rarer than the seemlingly ubiquitous iPhone. Priscilla is loving being connected to her email, messenger & facebook wherever she is, which is a big help given her reduced mobility at present. She’s also taking up the challenge of combining her phone and email contacts and getting them up to date, complete with photos.

As for me, exchange support means email, calendar and contacts all come from work simply (the secret to making it work – add your webmail address rather than your actual server address) and the gmail sync is excellent for all my personal stuff.

We are very happy, now just looking forwards to Android 2.2 coming available on the Telstra Desires, and hopefully keeping up to date over the next 2 years as Google update and improve Android.

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