Blackrock Cider: Take 2

Fermenting: 29/01/2005 Bottled: 07/02/2005

Brewed up for Phone and Elise’s engagement party this was quite similar to the previous attempt. This time I added 3L of apple and pear juice to the can. Again very dry, with similar complaints to last time.


Big Weekend

Lots of stuff happened this weekend (20-21 Feb). Phone and Elise had their engagement party, which changed venue at the last minute due to a massive thunderstorm and corresponding blackout. Parramatta Council seems to use any rain as an excuse to cut the power and save some money.

Church tonight was okay. I’m looking forwards to some changes happening this year – firstly music, a better attitude to learning and worship, and eventually to a new service starting up and bringing some new people to the church.

All systems are go!

Today I did something a little bit exciting:

I set up a blog on my home website.

If you are reading this, you’ve found your way here. I set up the mysql database, configured and installed wordpress, and here I am.

Hopefully I’ll come up with something more significant to say sometime soon.

Patterson’s Pils

Fermenting: 22/01/2005 Bottled: 28/01/2005

Another Wetpak from `The Country Brewer’ this one was not as memorable as the Little Creatures styled beer. A pleasant, drinkable German-style pilsener, it was fresh and high quality, but not brilliant.


Second tasting: 01/04/2005 Been bottled for 2 months now, and definately improved. This is now a good beer, with a crisp lager taste, even if it isn’t dry. Quite malty and refreshing.


Double Draught

Fermenting: 15/01/2005 Bottled: 22/01/2005

Another set of two cans, this time Wander Draught. It was easier to drink than the Double Bitter, but not really much of a success story. Something to drink when you don’t want to waste the good beer.


Coopers Ginger Beer

Fermenting: 16/12/2004 Bottled: 14/01/2005

This took an incredible amount of time to finish fermenting – 4 weeks across summer – and even when I bottled it it was still bubbling every 15 minutes or so. Another disappointment, although an improvement on the brewiser batch.


Beach Mission Bavarian

Fermenting: 08/12/2004 Bottled: 15/12/2004

Made this batch to celebrate New Years up at Beach Mission. Not good temps to ferment a lager at, but this turned out quite drinkable, if not the most memorable beer I’ve ever made. Did the trick for about 20 people after a hectic NYE2005.


Double Bitter

Fermenting: 08/11/2004 Bottled: 20/11/2004

Two cans of Wander Bitter and some sticklebract hops did not a good beer make. Massively overbittered and almost undrinkable. It did improve a little with age, but many half-finished bottles of this managed to get poured down the drain. British drinkers describe this as a ‘strong ale’ and tell me it tastes better near room temperature.


American Pale Ale Wetpak

Fermenting: 23/10/2004 Bottled: 07/11/2004

I started getting adventurous here. A Wetpak (from The Country Brewer) contains malt mixed with hops, some grain to sparge, some finishing hops, and an appropriate yeast. You need to mix it up and simmer for over an hour to bitter the malt, then add the other ingredients. This turned out brilliant. It was my first full malt beer, and was massively hopped, almost over hopped, and was bursting with flavour and aroma. It is made somewhat in the style of little creatures pale ale (from Fremantle’s Little Creatures Brewery). Worth the effort for sure – arguably my best beer yet. Some bottles had a strange aftertaste though.


Polar Beer

Fermenting: 14/10/2004 Bottled: 22/10/2004

This can from Goldrush was the closest I’ve come to a light, easy drinking beer. At only 3.8% and extremely pale this was meant to be a refreshing beer for summer, which it was. It was also pretty forgettable.