gPC from Wal-Mart

Over in the US, budget department store Wal-Mart has started selling the Linux based gPC for US$200. It runs a modified version of Ubuntu with the E17 Enlightenment desktop environment called gOS.

gOS screen shot

Applications installed seems to be at a minimum as they encourage you to use Google’s online applications for your regular use (hence the g in gPC and gOS). Mail, calendar, office are all handled by Google webapps by default.

Gizmodo have a review online saying they believe this is a good unit for the price but aren’t too complimentary about the clientèle at Wal-mart. Indeed they believe this is the direction Linux should go – people new to PC’s or basic computer users.

Also linked from the same site is some info on the Google mobile phone software development kit (but better info from the official website and the new sub-notebook from Asus, the Eee PC. The Eee runs a customised version on Xandros Linux, by the way.