Homemade Irish Cream

Baileys shot

Mixed up a batch of “Irish Cream” on the weekend as well. Got the recipe off the Internet – hard to pick one amongst the many, but this is the one I went with, modified from the original for quantity purposes.

2 tins condensed milk 2 tins evaporated milk 600ml thickened cream 250g blocks milk chocolate 4 teaspoon vanilla essence 700ml Irish whiskey Optional – 1 teaspoon instant coffee

  • Melt chocolate in a double saucepan. Heat condensed milk and gradually stir into melted chocolate.
  • Mixture will become lumpy, don’t worry, just blend until smooth in an electric blender. Allow to cool.
  • In a very large bowl (I used a punch bowl) mix chocolate with remaining ingredients.
  • Pour into empty, cleaned, scotch bottles and refrigerate at all times.

Makes 3-4 x 750ml bottles

Dad has been drinking it, apparently it is quite delicious, nice and thick.